Now We’re Cooking, Craft Beer in the Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, we know there are endless possibilities and millions of recipes. When you think of beer and especially craft beer, you probably just think about drinking it. But did you know you can cook with craft beer (or any beer) as well?!

Cooking with Beer.jpeg

There are a variety of beer styles that bring versatility while cooking. From the taste to the chemical compound, to the consistency, beer in your cooking can lead to so many run results. The most common uses for beer in cooking are glazes, marinades, soup bases, baking, and of course, batter! But how do you know what’s best for what? At Diamond Knot Brewing Company, we know all things beer and that extends to cooking with beer! Let us provide some tips and ticks to help in your cooking. Plus, when using beer in cooking, you get to drink what’s left over. We can’t argue that!

As you may know, there are many different types of beer. Like food, different beers can be used for different recipes. Dark beers are better for heavier foods like beef and chocolate, while lighter beers are great for foods like chicken and veggies. The great thing about cooking with beer is you can cook out the alcohol or leave it in, depending on your preference! There are so many recipes that can be adapted to use beer in them. From breads, to soups, to meats, the possibilities are amazing! Who doesn’t love a delicious beer cheese soup or a beer battered fish? We know we do!

We suggest that the next time you go grocery shopping, don’t walk down the alcohol and beer aisle and just think about drinking it. When you are picking up ingredients for your next meal, head to beer aisle and pick up some dark and light beers to add to your next recipe! You can find plenty of recipe ideas here:

Enjoy and happy cooking (and drinking)!

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