Research and Development. The Constant Quest for What’s Next

When you drink a pint of your favorite brew from Diamond Knot Brewery, you may not realize all of the time and effort that goes into creating that delicious brew. From the very early stages of planning for a new beer, our experts begin by doing their homework. Our homework starts with Research and Development. Like in many industries, Research and Development is a vital part of our creating process. Specifically, Research and Development improves the brewing processes for innovation.


When our team decides to create a new brew, there are many hours of research that go into such creation. With Research and Development, we can better adapt to ingredient market changes since as with everything, tastes are always changing. By taking advantage of Research and Development, we can look at other industries such as soda and see what new trends are active in those areas.  It’s always best to look around and see what others are doing and use that knowledge to improve (or avoid) certain practices.

Research and Development is a loaded term, which encompasses a lot.  It is very important to have a process and structure when doing Research and Development, so as not to get overwhelmed. Having a variety of people participate in tastings is also very important because it allows us to get different pallets and opinions. We serve a large variety of customers, so it’s always good to get a large variety of testers for that reason.

We also look at other breweries’ beer and use those to try new styles and trends. We want to see what is hot in the market (and what is not). The flow of Research and Development is pilot batch---internal tastings---offer at brewpubs for wider audience. Once we have completed this, we can finalize what new brew will be available for you!

Next time you are at your favorite watering hole, break out of your shell and try one of the new beers and ask how that beer was born. You might just learn some fun facts along the way!


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