The Ideal Labor Day Brew Lineup

Today, Labor Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating hard working Americans past and present. It serves as the perfect opportunity for many to enjoy a day off of work and share a picnic or BBQ with family and friends. The ideal Labor Day brew lineup we’ve compiled for you can serve as a guide as you consider what Diamond Know beers can round out your celebration.

Industrial IPA

We riffed off of our original IPA to craft the imperial version of this extra hoppy beer. Using double the hops, Columbus and Super Galena hops work together to form a powerhouse of a beer with 80 IBUs. At 7.9% alcohol, our Industrial IPA is not for the faint of heart.

Blonde Ale

An approachable beer even for those who don’t usually approach beer, our Blonde Ale is one of our lightest beer offerings. Based on a pre-prohibition lager, its malty sweetness serves as the perfect complement to savory and sweet snacks alike.

Binnacle Summer Ale

Many consider Labor Day to be symbolic of that last bit of summer, making the Binnacle Summer Ale perfectly appropriate before we begrudgingly enter fall. As one of our beloved seasonal releases, this golden ale has a fruity aroma that serves as an ideal ode to long summer days. Subtle hints of clove add the faintest bit of spice.

Extra Special Bitter

If you’re looking for a brew that brings all the bitterness, add our Extra Special Bitter to your list. It represents our take on a unique, malt forward amber colored ale.

For all those having to work on Labor Day and PLANNING to celebrate the holiday later in the week, consider joining us at either Cask Night at the Brewpub on September 5 or our Randall Night at the Alehouse on September 6.

Terrence Gordon