Try This Pairing: Sirloin Steak Dip with Our India Pale Ale

The perfect combination of grub and brew will make anyone’s dinner top-notch. Here at Diamond Knot Brewing, we want our customers to have the best food experience when dining at the Diamond Knot Brewery & Alehouse, which is why we’re here to recommend this fantastic food and beer pairing.


Our India Pale Ale

Our IPA is where everything started, so you know it’s a winner! With a hint of pine, Columbus and Super Galena hops this beer will bring out the ultimate flavor in a juicy sirloin steak. In fact, India Pale Ales are known to go well with hearty meats.

Diamond Knot’s IPA beer can always be found on tap and in a bottle or can at all of our locations.


Our Sirloin Steak Dip Sandwich

The Sirloin Steak Dip sandwich is one that won’t soon be forgotten. Thinly sliced sirloin is placed on a locally baked roll along with grilled Porter onions and Rumiano Swiss cheese. We are commited to using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, add some hardwood-smoked bacon for the ultimate meat-lovers sandwich.


Why They Go Together

So, why does an IPA go so well with a grilled sirloin steak sandwich? The key is actually in the onions! The combination of juicy, thinly sliced sirloin steak and grilled onions brings out the malt flavors in our traditional India Pale Ale. This sandwich is perfect for beer that boasts big flavors.

You’ll experience a full bodied and flavorful meal when you pair our India Pale Ale beer and savory Sirloin Steak Dip sandwich.


Your Next Meal

The next time you stop by Diamond Knot Brewing, make sure to try our delicious and savory Sirloin Steak Dip sandwich with our famous traditional India Pale Ale for outstanding flavor and a meal you won’t forget!

Terrence Gordon