The Perfect Flight of IPAs

Why select just one IPA when scoop up a Diamond Knot flight and try four? As Snohomish County’s oldest continually operating brewery whose flagship beer was our India Pale Ale, we truly deliver on the IPA front. Ask us to pull together the perfect flight of four IPA’s and we’d recommend our American-style IPA, Industrial IPA, Crooked Mast IPA and Red IPA. Let’s consider the nitty gritty of each of our flight contenders.


India Pale Ale

Our flagship beer is one that we’re mighty proud of. With 6.2% ABV and 69 IBU, Columbus hops brings our India Pale Ale to just the right bitterness intensity. Pouring a golden orange color, it has distinguishing faint hints of cedar which work well with its dynamic grapefruit flavors. Best of all? It’s available year-round!


Industrial IPA

If you’re looking to bolster your flight with an intensely hoppy beer, don’t forgo the Industrial IPA. Featuring 7.9% ABV and 80 IBU, this malty brew pours in a stunning dark copper color. Dry hops lend to a light floral tone and work well to bring out the malty sweetness of Diamond Knot’s Industrial IPA.


Crooked Mast IPA

Brewed right in the heart of Mukilteo, Washington, the Crooked Mast IPA is an American style brew. Fruit and pine tones make a truly fine pair in this IPA with 7.3% ABV and 60 IBU.



Our Red IPA sells out year after year, and with good reason! It’s brewed with Munich malt and flaked barley to create a full-bodied, malty middle with a crisp finish. Chocolate malt creates a caramelly aroma unlike any of the other brews in our proposed flight line up. A particularly special thing to note about this beer is that the founder’s grandfather is its namesake.


Not totally sold on our proposed IPA flight line-up? Try mixing it up with any one of our other IPA’s like our Azacca, Cascadian Golden or East Coast IPA.

Terrence Gordon