3 Perfect Thanksgiving Pairings

Who told you to limit yourself to wine pairings this Thanksgiving? A chilled brew can serve as the perfect complement to a satisfying feast! We’ve matched up a few of our favorite beers with some beloved Thanksgiving dishes to help get your head in the beer pairing game.

Vienna Lager

It's hard to go wrong when pairing beer with any food. Vienna lager, our flagship beer, is a versatile choice that goes well with just about anything. A malty and toasty amber lager, it features sweet notes that pair perfectly with many an appetizer. Might we suggest bacon-wrapped asparagus or dates?


Extra Special Bitter  

The Extra Special Bitter (ESB) won’t overpower your palate, allowing you to fully appreciate the litany of food you’re bound to overeat. With a deep bready flavor, it works in perfect harmony with all the traditional Thanksgiving staples. Caramel and chocolate malts work well with hops to deliver a unique taste sure to live up to its bitter name. 


India Pale Ale 

No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without the Diamond Knot India Pale Ale. Scoop up a growler (or two) of this celebration of malt meets hops. Not a mighty hoppy brew, it features overtones of cedar and grapefruit. At 6 % alcohol, it’ll help your family members not go too overboard on the drinking. With a subtle caramel profile that works surprisingly well with sweeter dishes, we highly recommend pairing it with sweet potatoes.  



Quite different from the other pairings on the list, our Cran-Gose is a sour wheat beer. With added cranberry, it's a natural fit at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Tart and slightly bitter, it's refreshing and is the perfect option to help you power through that second or third serving of turkey and mashed potatoes.


Steamer Glide Stout

A roasted stout is the perfect base for any strong dessert line up. Our Steamer Glide Stout is rich in flavor and laced with chocolate hints, making it a favorite pairing with a whole slew of pies like pecan, pumpkin and apple! This dry, Irish Stout could also team perfectly with sweet potato casserole.  


Danzig Baltic Porter

Our newest seasonal, the Danzig Baltic Porter is being released for the very first time this year. With higher alcohol content, this is a great beer to top off a feast with. We think it goes well with dessert and highly recommend pairing it with pie and ice cream!


Host or Guest? 

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is nothing to scoff at, we fully appreciate what an undertaking this can be! Scratch one item off of your to-do list and keep your guests at bay by having your Diamond Knot Craft Brewing favorites on hand. Joining as a guest this year instead of playing host? You know what to do to land that MVP guest recognition. Bring some growlers.  

Terrence Gordon