Buying A Keg: Supplies You Need and Why


If you’re in the few that has their own kegerator – you can stop reading right now. We’ve officially proclaimed you a pro. For the rest of you, read on! If you’re buying a keg, there are a some supplies you’ll want to have on hand for flawless keg enjoyment.

A Bucket

You’ll want to have a large bucket which will serve to house your keg. Don’t have one handy? Think creatively – a large garbage can certainly work in a pinch. Added bonus, we love a budget-friendly solution. 

Hand Pump 

Don’t be that person at a party who over pumps the beer. Pro tip: when the beer stops flowing, prompt your pumping! 

Hand Truck 

There is no doubt in our mind that you have superhuman strength but proving that to be true isn’t worth blowing your back out. A full keg clocks in at about 160 pounds so don’t hesitate to bust our your hand truck or enlist the help of a fellow strong friend. 

Ice, Ice, Baby 

That beer isn’t going to keep itself cold, especially in the unrelenting summer heat. Get your ice at the ready, it’s needed to maintain the chilled beer temperature from the time of purchase to the pouring of the brew. 


You won’t have any trouble rallying some pals, especially when you have a chilled keg at the ready!

Are you ready to get your keg ordered? It’s worth knowing that a 50-liter keg contains about 140 cups and a 1/6th bbl holds just over 50 cups. Local breweries are the perfect one stop shop for kegs to go. Visit or call Diamond Knot Craft Brewing to reserve a keg for your next shindig! When you order our keg-to-go solution we hook you up with just about everything listed above, you’ll just need to bring the muscle. 

Fill out our online form and you’ll be well on your way, we’ll need at least 24 hours notice! 


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