Celebrate St. Paddy’s at Ye Favorite Brewery

St. Paddys.jpg

Wherever ye plans to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, we hope your plans involve a long stop at Diamond Knot Brewery to take advantage of tons of Irish-inspired specials we’re offering. Enjoy eire inspired ale, traditional grub, and some stiff boilermakers!

Eire Inspired Ale

You’ll find two eire inspired ales for the picking, our Slane’s Irish-Style Red and our Steamer Glide Stout. The irish-style red has a distinct caramel aroma and a bold, malty flavor followed by a crisp finish. With 30 IBUS, this brew is 5.6% ABV. Prefer a stout on this fine holiday? The Steamer Glide Stout offers a classic take on a dry irish-style stout.


You’re going to want some grub to wash down all that ale you’ll be drinking. We’re serving up two traditional Irish meals that could not be more appropriate for this special holiday. You’ll find both Slane’d Corned Beef and the Galway Gate Sandwich on our St. Paddy’s Day menu. Do yourself a favor and try the traditional corned beef and cabbage, cooked in our Slane’s Irish Red with plenty of pickling spices. We’ll be serving it up with house potatoes, beer braised cabbage, garlic bread, and a plenty of housemade mustard slather. Order up the Galway Gate Sandwich to enjoy corned beef brisket between a couple fresh slices of grilled sourdough. The sandwich comes with sliced picked and your choice of either vinegar ‘slaw, tots, or fries.


For those needing something a bit stiffer, opt for a boilermaker. It includes your choice of irish whisky and is served with a schooner of either of the two ales we have available.

On behalf of the team, we look forward to seeing all you knotheads on St.Paddy’s Day. Friendly (and hopefully unnecessary) reminder to all to don your green! We’ll be mighty dissapointed if you don’t.

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