Your Shindig Keg-To-Go Solution

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A key to hosting any good shindig is making sure your guests are having a good time and one of the best ways to do that (in our humble opinion) is to make sure they have a cold brew to sip on! As a brewery that’s been crafting some of the best beers in Washington State since 1994, you can rest assured your guests will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a quality brew at your next shindig.


Depending on what beer style you opt for and what keg size you select, pricing will vary but will fall in the $135-195 price range. How much beer exactly is in a keg? We get that question all the time. A 50 liter keg will include 140 12 ounce glasses of beer while a sixth-barrel keg size will include about 54 glasses, which is perfect for small-batch orders. It’s worth noting that we charge a $45 deposit for the party pump tap and a $100 deposit for the keg which will be returned to you, cash or credit is accepted for these deposits.

What’s Included

Ordering beer to go from the Diamond Knot Brewing Company means that you don’t need to worry about running around town and picked everything up piece-meal, we’ve got you covered. Your order will include a keg of beer, a bucket, two 8-pound bags of ice, and a party pump tap. All you need to worry about is having a good time!

Order Your Keg

Ordering your keg(s) only takes a few minutes, simply hop on our website and fill out this simple keg order form. When your keg is ready for pick up you’ll come see us at the Diamond Knot Production Brewery and Taproom located at 4602 Chennault Beach Road, Suite B2 in Mukilteo. Our brewery and taproom hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am-5pm, Friday from 10am-8pm and Saturday from 3pm-8pm.

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