3 Well-Rounded Brews to Sip on this Summer

With the blazing sun and hot temperatures nearly upon us, thoughts of sipping iced brews bring some promise of refreshment. Regardless of what activities you’ve got lined up to fill those long, hot summer days, you need a quality brew to sip on. Diamond Knot Brewing Company is serving up crisp, refreshing brews for you to sip on all summer long.


Azacca IPA

A favorite in our annual lineup, our Azacca IPA is undoubtedly a key summer staple. Encompassing everything that a summer brew should be, it’s sweet, light and not overpowering by any means. It’ll pair well with a wide range of summer comfort foods. We’re talking about burgers, watermelon and cold pasta salads, to name a few. With 6.5% ABV and 45 IBU, our Azacca IPA features flavors reminiscent of some of our favorite tropical fruits, papaya and mango. It’s known to have a honeydew-like finish.


Binnacle Summer Ale

Our Belgian Golden, the Binnacle Summer Ale, is a must in any brew line-up. Brewed with Belgian yeast, this Diamond Knot essential is a relatively dry and sweet choice. Just the right level of refreshment makes this beer the perfect way to round out a day on the river, in the pool or behind the grill. Pouring golden yellow, this brew has 5.5% ABV and 20 IBU. Our Binnacle Summer Ale is only available over the summer so we recommend that you don’t wait too long to stock up!


Blackberry Elderberry Cider

An ideal alternative to beer or wine, having an ice-cold cider to sip on throughout summer is highly recommended by the Diamond Knot team. With a dry fruitiness, the Blackberry Elderberry Cider brewed by Atlas Cider Company is brewed in Bend, Oregon. With 6.2% ABV, it’s the perfect brew to round out your summer list.

Terrence Gordon