Hot Rock: Heat Up at Diamond Knot

While it may be cooling down outside, we’re keeping the menu hot at Diamond Knot Brewing Company with the hot rock. Arguably one of the most unique items on our menu, the hot rock represents a meeting of two worlds, ancient cooking and the cooking talents you bring to the table.  


How It Works

It’s quite simple, really! The hot rock is a large stone heated to 750-degrees and brought straight to your table. Are you someone who knows exactly how you’d like your steak cooked and would prefer to perfect it yourself? The hot rock enables you to do just that. You take the reins and sear your steak to your liking. Remember, the stone is extremely hot so it won’t take long for your steak to be ready, even if you order the ¾ pound choice boneless Hot Rock Ribeye.  


A Diamond Knot Original? Afraid Not. 

As much as we’d like to take credit for this ingenious method of cooking, we have to harken back thousands of years ago to give credit where it’s due. Originally used by the Vikings, the stone method of cooking was born out of necessity but can be found in even some of the most modern, trendy restaurants in the world today. Here at Diamond Knot you’ll have it served with house potatoes, vegetables and garlic bread. Our homemade starboard streak sauce and buttermilk horseradish put this menu pick over the top.  


Hot Rock Benefits

They may not have known it then, but the Vikings were striking gold in the health department when they used this ancient method of cooking. There is no oil or fat used when cooking with the hot rock, making it a very healthy cooking option when stacked up against just about any other cooking method. The stone also retains heat throughout it very well, helping to ensure that you steak is cooking evenly throughout and reducing the risk of undercooking any one part.  


The hot rock is a great option whether you want to shake up your dining experience or you’re looking for a new a staple when you come see us at Diamond Knot.  

Terrence Gordon