Bigger Beers Make For Bigger Tales!


You better have a real good reason for not yet making your way down to the Brewery & Alehouse for a DK20. What’s a DK20, you ask? There’s no shame in asking! It’s our standard 20 ounce mug, because the saying at Diamond Knot goes, bigger beers make for bigger!

Limited Releases

They won’t be around forever so it’s best not to wait too long if you’ve got your eye on one of our limited releases. One of our favorite brown ales at the moment is our Mexican Chocolate, a brew that’s got an especially rich chocolate taste. In the mood for a beer that’s a bit more crisp? Our Kolsch Style, cold-conditioned for four weeks, promises to leave you with a refreshing finish. Packing powerful aromas of peaches and mangos, our DK Juicy IPA leaves any bitter qualities at the door to make for a dry hopped IPA you’re sure to appreciate. Best of all? Those are just 3 of the 9 limited release brews we have available right now.

Favorite Mainstays

Our flagship beer, the India Pale Ale, represents the most perfect meeting of malt and hops. Featuring overtones of cedar and grapefruit, there’s a reason this brew is the perfect option for a wide range of tastes. Looking to kick it up a notch? Give our Industrial IPA a try, it’s a beer that we’ve really amped up the hops levels with. Reaching some malty depth with chocolate and caramel malts, this brew is one we offer on tap all year long.

Not sure which (or how many) DK20’s you’re picking up? Come on down and see us at 621 Front Street in Mukilteo, Washington. Since we’re mighty confident that you truly can’t go wrong, we confidently volunteer to help you find a beer you’ll truly enjoy.

Terrence Gordon