Make it Official, Become A Knothead!

Calling all Knotheads! What’s a knothead, you ask? All those that love a Diamond Knot brew, of course! If you frequent DK, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be racking up points with every visit. Make your love of DK official by joining the Knotheads Club. We’re a pretty inclusive crew so the Club is open to everyone. Best of all? It’s free!  Already a member? Check your balance by logging in here



Your birth is the perfect cause for celebration at DK. A Knothead Greenhorn member gets a free meal during their birthday month! Since we’d love to celebrate your birthday with you, you’ll even get a free beverage if you visit us on your actual birthday. To top it off, Greenhorns get $5 back for every 100 points accrued. How are points accrued, exactly? It’s simple. You’ll earn a point for every dollar you spend. 



You too could be dubbed a Knothead Captain! If you rack up 750 points within a 12 month period across all of our locations, you’ll get all of the benefits our Greenhorn members get, and then some! If there are two things we know about its beers and entertainment, we throw some pretty first-rate events. While many are open to the public, some are exclusive member’s only soirées. You’ll also get a complimentary tee-shirt to represent your favorite brewery and access to specials like $1 off of growler and 10% off of merch.  



Our invite only Knothead Club level, the Admiral’s club is pretty intense. In the Admiral’s Club, we include all of the benefits a Captain has access to and stack a few things on top. You can shave $2 off of growler fills, 20% off of merch and you’ll receive a 25 ounce mug for the price of a 20 ounce! Note that Admiral’s do pay a $60 membership fee.  


Knothead Activation 

After signing up, your card will be activated within 24 hours and will include a 20% discount off of your next visit. We know you wouldn’t dare wait this long but you should know that this discount will expire after 60 days. All Knothead Club members also have the option of donating the points they’ve racked up to the charity of their choice. Just drop us a line and let us know!

Terrence Gordon